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lastly, relax, with ocean movers you can rest assured your move will be a non-stressful experience.



How soon should I call a moving company?

As soon as possible.  The more time you give the company, the better chances you have to get the day and time you require.

When is the best time to move a company or business?

The best time to move would either be after hours or during the weekend.  This way there is no lost income.

How do I keep my items organized during the move?

The best thing would be to use stickers or labels that signify what items are where and where they should go.

What items are of extreme value?

Typically items having a value of more than $100 per pound would be considered items of extraordinary value.  This includes jewelry, furs, art, crystal, figurines, dolls, rugs, gems, and silverware. 

Do I need to handle my appliances in a special way?

Yes, most refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and other special electrical equipment require special attention.  Any items with moving parts should be securely fastened.

Can clothing be left inside the furniture during the move?

You can leave your clothing inside the drawers of your furniture as long as you secure it tightly.  It is, however, a good idea to remove any items from the furniture because it makes it lighter and therefore much easier to move.



  • Make sure to label your boxes clearly. This helps in the easy unloading of items and ensures your fragile are given that extra attention.
  • Try to pack boxes to the fullest. Lightly packed or half empty boxes are more likely to be crushed or damaged during moving.
  • Make sure to remove any valuables from boxes or drawers.  Carry important documents with you for easy access.
  • You can rest assured that our moving crew will make sure your items are wrapped in thick, quilted, padded blankets.
  • Make sure to double check closets, drawers, shelves, and attics to ensure you have removed all of your items.
  • Our professional movers will make sure to safely secure all your items so they do not shift during transporting.
  • Make sure and check the weather for your move date.